Connect Devices to Databases With 4G LTE

As a system integrator or OEM, it's important to start leveraging the Industrial IoT so you can deliver the greatest value to your customers. This means getting your customers’ devices connected to the cloud and to a database that can be read by advanced software platforms.

Moxa is now offering the 4G LTE Jump Start Kit to make this as easy and cost effective as possible. It includes an easily-programmed Modbus data logger with built-in 4G LTE communications, a Modbus gateway that connects to the most common types of PLCs and RTUs, and an I/O module to collect analog and digital sensor data. For a limited time, this kit is available for under $1000 to qualified system integrators and OEMs.


  • Easily makes data from the most common sensors and devices available over a 4G LTE connection to a cloud-connected database or platform for dashboards, remote monitoring, and IIoT applications
  • Huge savings on data plan costs through built-in data compression and programmable data processing
  • Free ThingsPro software includes ready-to-use Modbus and 4G LTE configuration interface as well as RESTful APIs for C/C++/Python programming

4G LTE and Modbus in a Linux Box

The backbone of the 4G LTE Jump Start Kit is the UC-8112-LX, which is powered by a 1 GHz ARM7 processor running Debian Linux. With Moxa's new ThingsPro software installed, you can manage your 4G LTE connection using an easy, web-based GU, and the built-in data compression and data processing features alone can potentially save you thousands of dollars on ongoing data plan costs.

The ThingsPro package also includes a built-in Modbus data management platform, allowing the UC-8112-LX to act as a programmable Modbus datalogger. All of the Modbus data collected by the UC-8112-LX can be made available to your remote SCADA as needed, or processed and integrated into a database that will be utilized by a software application.
ThingsPro Platform

APIs for Maximum Flexibility, Minimum Effort

ThingsPro also provides RESTful APIs for users that want greater control over the communications interface and functions. The APIs provide easy access to the unit's Modbus and cellular functions so you don't need to spend additional development effort on cellular communication drivers or industrial protocol handlers. In addition, C/C++/Python APIs are provided for the Modbus data that is collected from connected devices. Everything works out of the box so you can devote your energy towards your data processing and application requirements.

Connects to Nearly Any Sensor or Device

With the included I/O module and Modbus gateway, you can collect data from nearly any sensor, PLC, or RTU. Data from these sensors and devices are collected, processed, formatted, and customized on the UC-8112 itself, and made available to any cloud-connected database or platform over the 4G LTE connection. The ioLogik E1242 supports 4 analog inputs, 4 digital inputs, and 4 digital input/outputs, and the MGate MB3180 supports Modbus RTU/ASCII communication over RS-232/422/485. Both are natively supported by ThingsPro, so data from any connected device or sensor can be collected via simple Modbus commands.

Working with an unsupported sensor or a different protocol such as EtherNet/IP? Not to worry. Moxa offers a wide range of I/O modules and protocol gateways that can be substituted or added depending on your situation. Contact us to find out what combination works best for your needs. 

4G LTE Jump Start Kit System Diagram

Now Available

The 4G LTE Jump Start Kit is now available for a limited time to qualified system integrators and OEMs. It includes the following:

  • UC-8112-LX programmable 4G LTE Modbus data logger with ThingsPro platform for Modbus data acquisition, compression, uplink protocol, database integration
  • MGate MB3180 Modbus gateway for communication with most PLCs and RTUs
  • ioLogik E1242 I/O module supporting a combination of analog and digital inputs
  • Verizon 4G LTE module, cellular antenna, GPS antenna, and panel mounting kit
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