If you design or run equipment at remote sites, you can take some simple steps to enable monitoring of those assets.

In this webinar, we will go over proven tips and techniques to connect remote operations to SCADA in a way that is cost effective, ensures reliable access, and provides data security. These best practices have been successfully used by managers and technical professionals in various industries, including factory automation, oil and gas, transportation, and utilities.   

5 Design Tips for Remote Monitoring Systems

Here's what we'll cover during the webinar:

  • Common pitfalls when developing and deploying remote monitoring systems
  • Expanding existing systems to non-SCADA devices
  • How to protect against service interruptions
  • Techniques to ensure end-to-end security
Paul Wacker
Edge Connectivity Manager 

Paul Wacker worked for many years with plant personnel, system integrators and original equipment manufacturers to improve flexibility and increase efficiencies through networking and communications, even before the popularity of Industrial Ethernet. He has worked as an applications engineer for several top-tier manufacturers and has been a guest speaker at many industry events.

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