Every customer’s network is unique and represents its own sets of challenges exposed surface areas for attack. Looking at our customer base and across the six major verticals that we service (Rail, Manufacturing/Automation, Power, Transportation, Oil & Gas, & Marine) there are typically three distinct types of networks: Single Site, Multi-Site, and Distributed. Within each of these major groups, there are purpose-built OT Edge Security solutions from Moxa. Let’s take a closer look based on your network.

Moxa Security Product Portfolio

IT Level of Security, Purpose Built for OT Networks

MXstudio Series

Industrial network management suite for full lifecycle management: installation, operation, maintenance, and diagnostics

MXstudio is an automation-friendly network management suite that presents all network settings, conditions, and traceable records through a visual, engineer-friendly interface. Visibility of the network status simplifies installation, operation, maintenance, and diagnostics.

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Features and Benefits
    • An all-in-one toolset for installation, operation, maintenance, and diagnostics stages of the network's life cycle

    • MXconfig, MXview, and N-Snap for easy and quick industrial network management.

    • MXview ToGo mobile app for remote monitoring-anytime, anywhere.

    • Maximized productivity with Moxa's industrial Ethernet solutions.

Security Dashboard Console

Industrial Network security management software designed for OT networks - (Network Visibility, Analytics, and Threat Response)

Features and Benefits
  • Central management and monitoring of all your IEC-G102-BP Series Devices.

  • Full visibility on the real-time status of your network security and OT systems.

  • Bulk configuration to reduce deployment time and maintenance costs.

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Moxa's Cybersecurity Response Team (CSRT)

We take a proactive approach to protect our products and customers from security vulnerabilities to allow for better managed security risks. Be sure to check out the Security Advisory for the latest security updates.

What You Get:

  • Up-to-date security vulnerability details and solutions by Moxa product.
  • Emails with the latest updates from our security advisory.
  • Area to report any security issues directly to the Moxa team.


How the Security Advisory Works

1. Awareness

Moxa learns of vulnerabilities by monitoring a variety of sources including:

  • 3rd party security researchers
  • World-known vulnerabilities

2. Investigation

An investigation is launched into the vulnerability to determine the affected scope in the product.

3. Action

Short-term mitigation tactics are released while long-term solutions are developed.

4. Applied Solutions

Vulnerability updates, patches, and solutions are released to keep partners and customers informed and secure.

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Take advantage of Moxa's new customer briefing and demo center. The lab features a wide range of 3rd party products for real-world testing. Here you can see the latest Moxa technologies at work in a variety of customer environments. The most popular live demos include:

    • System-level management capabilities of MXstudio

    • Network Visibility and Threat management with Moxa's Security Dashboard Console

    • Proof of Concept customer configurations

    • Replication of custom customer environments

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Service and Support

Moxa’s Networking and Serial connectivity products (Computing excluded) are all backed by a 5 year product warranty and 10+ year product lifecycles. Our comprehensive, standard warranty coverage free with every product include:

Features and Benefits

  • Burn-in Testing

  • 5 Year Warranties (except Computing)

  • Free Technical Support

  • Free Software and Firmware Updates

  • 10+ Year Product Lifecycles

Our Online Support Site: https://www.moxa.com/en/support

Additional Support From Moxa

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Security Advisories

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Repair & Warranty

Product Repair Service / RMA

Moxa's product repair service centers provide quick, quality service with complete traceability of your product.

Warranty Policy

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