Find a training center local to you and receive training from someone who speaks your native language. Use the map or table below to find the best training location for you.



Country Company Languages
Certifications Offered
Contact Information
Bosnia &
BS Telecom Bosnian, Serbian,
Croatian, English
Croatia Selmet Croatian, English
Czech Republic Elvac Czech, English
Finland Oy Movetec AB Finnish, English
France ADM 21 French, English
ARC French, English
Germany YELLO NETCOM German
Hungary Com-forth Hungarian, English
Italy Jampel Italian, English
ZMS Technology German, English,
Netherlands Modelec Dutch, English
Poland Elmark Polish, English
Serbia ACE Serbian, English
South Africa RJConnect English
Spain Tempel Spanish, English
Switzerland Omni Ray German, English,
Turkey GSL Turkish, English
Vitel Turkish, English
U.K. Impulse Embedded Ltd. English, Swedish
IT4Automation English

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