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Reliable Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS)

Adverse weather conditions are the primary cause of traffic accidents in many parts of the world. Therefore, providing instant alerts—such as poor visibility due to heavy fog or dust storms, or icy roads that can cause cars to skid—is quite important to enable motorists to take proper precautions and improve traffic safety for everyone.

There are multiple sensors deployed on roadside weather stations to collect different data types, including temperature, wind speed, and humidity. Since each data type requires a different I/O interface, the Moxa industrial IO products, with their easy-to-install I/O modules, are ideal for collecting different I/O signals over the same network.

As an RWIS runs on solar power modules, it is crucial for connected devices to have low power consumption. Moxa's industrial wireless series are energy efficient, especially when in idle mode.

Furthermore, road weather data needs reliable communication, which is usually transmitted through a communication network to a central information system located at the regional traffic control center. You can trust Moxa to provide rugged and reliable products that you can count on.

RWIS Recommended Products 

  • Industrial Wireless - Oncell 3120-LTE-1 series

  • Industrial Ethernet - EDS-2000-EL/ELP/ML series

  • Remote Automation - ioThinx 4500 series

  • Network Management - MXview

Reliable Connectivity Enables Intelligent Electronic Toll Collection​ (ETC)

Electronic toll collection (ETC) systems play a crucial role in easing traffic congestion. The global ETC market is expected to grow by 7.7% over the next five years¹. Strong government support is a driver for growth in this market along with the increased use of advanced technologies in the transportation infrastructure.

To get each part of the ETC system connected and working smoothly, reliable connectivity plays a central role in collecting critical and confidential data and transmitting the information in real-time between the operation center and toll roads. Not to mention, these systems are interconnected using different protocols for different devices, sensors, and other equipment. Moxa has various high-performance, multi-protocol, and secure transmission solutions, such as industrial computers with cloud software, Gigabit fiber switches, flexible redundancy technology called Turbo Chain, reliable serial device server, IO products, and a central network management software called MXview.

1. Source: https://www.marketsandmarkets.com/Market-Reports/electronic-toll-collection-system-market-224492059.html

ETC Recommended Products

Advanced Traffic Management Systems​ (ATMS)

Today’s road operators face many challenges, such as improving safety, reducing travel times, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and more. Therefore, they must build a reliable, high-capacity hierarchical IP network backbone that can handle a high amount of data. This is necessary to reduce traffic accidents by providing control center managers with critical road condition information immediately to be able to react quickly and decisively. Not only is it important that the network is high-performing, but it is also equally important that the data transmitted is secure to protect public safety.

As an industrial connectivity and networking solution provider, Moxa has helped numerous clients connect and build reliable networks for ATMS with computers designed for IIoT, AI, and machine learning, plus full gigabit management PoE switches that are perfect for intelligent transportation systems. As ATMS becomes more and more complex, Moxa’s MXview network management software is perfect to visualize the entire network, on top of configuration, monitoring, and diagnosing capabilities. Lastly, Moxa takes a proactive approach to protect our products from security vulnerabilities and help our customers better manage security risks.

ATMS Recommended Products

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