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Roll Out Your IIoT System in Record Speed

Companies across all industries have been increasing investments in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and embracing digital transformation. It is a pursuit of economic benefits gained from increased productivity, reduced downtime, and gained insights that steer business decisions to enhance operational efficiency. This led us to wonder what would be the most cost-effective IIoT system that we could build without sacrificing reliability, security, automation, and ease of use for our customers? You will find all of this and more inside this application story which depicts the journey of an industrial company that is setting up an IIoT system, including defining the requirements, challenges, strategy, and implementation.


The Smart Industrial Company (TSIC) has 2000 locations of industrial assets distributed around the world and they need to gain visibility to avoid outages, save costs, and build new processes.


TSIC has a small team of skilled software engineers and IT admins. None of them have experience with managing thousands of devices in different locations outside the company’s IT network.


The project manager’s first task is to build an IoT vision, including a simple slide that shows which parts he considers core business and which parts he considers non-differentiating components that he intends to source from external partners.

Download the Application Story