If you’re considering managed switches for your application, then most likely your network requires flexibility and features around high-performance, network management, enhanced cybersecurity efforts and network redundancy.

Is cybersecurity becoming an increasing concern?

As the number of connected devices on the plant floor grows, so does access to the data from those devices. Without the proper secure network devices in place, increases in access to your data can increase your network vulnerability to cyber-threats. The EDS-500E series switches support Moxa’s “Security View”*, which can help you to audit the security settings level of your Moxa switch, and can help you to easily correct misconfigured security settings based on the desired security level. Therefore, the level of cybersecurity implemented in a network is a valid concern. The best way to meet the requirements of your cybersecurity initiative is by selecting managed switches with security features based on IEC-62443 standards made specifically for industrial control systems.

How significant are downtime costs?

Maintaining high availability is a priority in industrial networks, so preventing every single point of failure is key. Network failures can lead to quality issues, a decrease in production, and possible safety hazards. This is where network redundancy plays a critical role. Traditional redundancy technology can take seconds to recover from a fault; this can impact the recovery of critical segments of your production floor. Moxa offers two different options to help with seamless recovery for mission-critical applications. Moxa’s Turbo Ring technology allows networks to recover within 20ms* with up to 250 nodes. For applications that already have a redundant ring technology, but need to add segments with recovery times in the milliseconds, Moxa’s Turbo Chain offers unlimited redundant network expansion with under 20ms recovery times. Both of these technologies take only seconds to set up and deliver seamless recovery with zero data loss. The EDS-500E series switches can also have their configuration files backed up and saved for fast and easy restoration in the event of misconfiguration or catastrophic events*.

*Note: 10G/1G Ethernet recovery time < 50 ms

Is your network slowing down?

To help future proof your investment in a managed switch, it is important to consider the amount of throughput you will need to access the data from your devices. Not just for today, but also for any future high bandwidth devices like cameras for vision systems. Gigabit uplink ports offer you the bandwidth and high throughput necessary to ensure you have the performance to meet the demands of your growing network needs. Having visibility into your network is key in being able to keep your mission critical networks running smoothly. The EDS-500E series of fully managed switches support many network visualization features: Topology View (network topology), Traffic View (network traffic stats & traffic visualization), & Security View (security auditing & security settings visualization).

*These features are supported by the specific Moxa devices and may require MXview and a valid MXview license to fully take advantage of these features. Request a free trial version of MXview below. Contact us or your local Moxa partner for exact pricing and additional information on MXview.

Managed Switches:

EDS-408A Series

Features and Benefits

  1. Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain (recovery time < 20 ms @ 250 switches), and RSTP/STP for network redundancy
  2. IGMP Snooping, QoS, IEEE 802.1Q VLAN, and port-based VLAN supported
  3. Easy network management by web browser, CLI, Telnet/serial console, Windows utility, and ABC-01
  4. PROFINET or EtherNet/IP enabled by default (PN or EIP models)
  5. Supports MXstudio for easy, visualized industrial network management

EDS-408A Series: 8x ports

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EDS-510E Series

Features and Benefits

  1. 3x Gigabit Ethernet ports for redundant ring or uplink solutions
  2. Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain (recovery time < 20 ms @ 250 switches), Gigabit Ethernet recovery time < 50 ms RSTP/STP, and MSTP for network redundancy
  3. RADIUS, TACACS+, SNMPv3, IEEE 802.1x, HTTPS, SSH, and sticky MAC address to enhance network security
  4. Security features based on IEC 62443
  5. Supports MXstudio for easy, visualized industrial network management
  6. V-ON™ ensures millisecond-level multicast data and video network recovery

EDS-510E Series: 7x Fast Ethernet + 3x Gigabit ports

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