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In partnership with Moxa, we have taken steps to ensure that critical Moxa products are in inventory, to help reduce long lead times and keep our customer projects moving forward. Whether it’s new projects, upgrades, or simply spare equipment, we have plenty of products ready to ship. Check out our featured products below or let us know if you’re looking for something else.

  • NPort Series
  • EDS Series Switches
  • MGate Converters
  • ioLogik Series I/O
  • Environment

Many older devices and equipment like CNC machines, bar code scanners, and power meters are designed only for serial-based communication with a controller or PC. The Moxa NPort can instantly make these devices accessible over a TCP/IP network.

  • No change to physical device or software required
  • Can emulate physical connection to continue using original software/workstation
  • Device is accessible locally or remotely as needed

Industrial applications require switches that are not only durable but compatible with a networking infrastructure. Moxa has designed a large portfolio of industrial unmanaged switches that are engineered with versatility and ease of use in any application. These Ethernet switches uphold the most stringent standards required for operational reliability in harsh environments.

  • Large variety of port counts, fiber options, and switch configurations
  • Wide temperature ranges, Gigabit and POE + capabilities
  • C1D2, ATEX, and other certifications for rugged environments

Newer PLCs and SCADA platforms may not easily connect to the older VFDs, power meters, and protection relays that are still in service. Our MGate line of protocol gateways is designed to enable communication to these devices using modern industrial protocols.

  • Enables use of modern protocols to access legacy device
  • Simple to configure, integrate, and operate
  • Minimal to no change required in software or original hardware

When trying to collect data from field equipment to SCADA or IoT platforms, replacing or reprogramming the PLC on-site may not be a feasible option. Instead, consider using ioLogik Ethernet I/O modules to quickly and easily bring both existing and new I/O points into your desired platform, using Modbus, EtherNet/IP, or SNMP.

  • No change to PLC or existing devices required
  • New I/O devices easily added
  • Data directly available over the network via Modbus, EtherNet/IP, SNMP, RESTful API

05 - The Necessary Evil of Building the Industrial IoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) aims to increase productivity and make users lives easier. However, this can only be achieved when the Industrial IoT environment has reliable network connectivity. An unreliable network presents users with several challenges including: longer system downtime, cyber security risks, and unstable operations, especially when using a wireless connection. The diagram below uses factory automation as an example to illustrate what kind of concerns our industry partners face when trying to adopt lndustrial loT applications and benefit from them.