A Tiny but Mighty Ethernet Switch


As the manufacturing industry continues to evolve and improve, the requirements of network infrastructure constantly change when refurbishing or expanding facilities. When these changes take place, there are often space constraints for installing products in existing cabinets or machines.

To keep up with changing connectivity requirements while saving you time and effort, the EDS-2000-EL Series unmanaged switches include 5- and 8-port Ethernet options, with the 5-port model only measuring 18 x 81 x 65 mm. In addition, a robust design allows you to continue to meet your demands for flexibility, reliability, and continuity.

credit-card-sized unmanaged switches

When to Use

  • Small Footprint
    Space Matters

    Network refurbishment couldn’t be easier with the EDS-2000-EL switches, which offer more connection options with a smaller footprint.
  • reliability
    Durability Matters

    You can enjoy the install-and-forget durability of EDS-2000-EL switches that has been proven by a six-month accelerated life test.**
  • microsecond-level latency
    Latency Matters

    With microsecond-level latency, the EDS-2000-EL switches ensure your MES applications can respond faster.

Where to Use

  • Small form factor for easy integration into machines

    Compact machine

    Easy integration into machines

  • Tiny size suitable for small cabinet deployment

    Control Panels

    Suitable for compact electronic control panels

  • A wide operating temperature range

    Harsh environments

    -40 to 75°C operating temperature range available

EDS-2005/2008-EL(P) Extra-small Industrial Unmanaged Switches

EDS-2000-EL Series

Industrial Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

  • 5 or 8 Ethernet port options
  • SC/ST fiber models are available for the EDS-2008 Series
  • Supports 12/24/48 VDC input
  • Microsecond-level latency
  • High EMC resistance
  • QoS and BSP*** DIP switch configuration

Download datasheets

* The size of the EDS-2005 Series without a terminal block or DIN-rail kit is 48% smaller than the EDS-205 Series.
** The test result shows that the EDS-2000-EL switches can constantly work in extremely high temperatures reliably.
*** Quality of Service (QoS) and Broadcast Storm Protection (BSP) can be configured via DIP switches.

Qualify for a FREE EDS-2005-EL Unmanaged Switch

Fill out this form to see if you qualify for a FREE EDS-2005-EL unmanaged switch. Once you submit, a Moxa representative will contact you within 48 hours to discuss any details.


  • Must be an OEM with a $10,000 or greater size project in order to qualify. Project needs to include EDS-2000-EL Series, but can also include other Moxa products. Project can take place up to two years from receiving sample unit. Applicants will be contacted by Moxa after submission of the request form.
  • Available for US and Canada customers only.
  • This program is effective from February 1st – April 30th 2021.