Ethernet I/O platform that does not compromise security

Ethernet I/O is an easy and cost-effective way to acquire data from sensors and I/O devices, but if you’re not careful, it can expose your operation to potential cybersecurity threats. That’s why we design our ioThinx modular I/O platform to be in full compliance with IEC 62443-2 security standards, and offer additional tools and resources to protect against unauthorized users.

Protect Against Unauthorized Access


User Authentication and Authorization

A common security vulnerability in industrial systems are devices that are still using the default manufacturer’s login and password. Our firmware requires administrators to change this password during configuration.


Security Hardening Guide

Our step-by-step security hardening guide helps you configure the ioThinx to minimize exposure to cybersecurity threats. You’ll see exactly which services are unnecessary and can be disabled for your use case.


Communication Integrity

Configuration access is protected through the support of secure protocols TLS 1.2, HTTPS, and SNMPv3. Insecure protocols (e.g., HTTP) are disabled by default.


Network Access Control

Additional functions such as IP address allowlisting help you further limit network access so unauthorized users cannot make changes to device settings.

Tools to Monitor and Take Action


Security Advisories and Patches

You can subscribe to our Security Advisory page to make sure you are notified of any new vulnerabilities that have been discovered. We will provide mitigation guidance as well as links to download security patches and updated firmware as needed.


Visibility for Network Administrators

Our MXview network management suite provides easy visibility of your network topology and supported network devices. You’ll be able to see your ioThinx’s security status and set up user-defined notifications and alarms, so you can respond before an unauthorized user is able to wreak havoc.


Device Management

Our MXconfig utility and CLI configuration tools are great timesavers when you need to manage multiple ioThinx units and other supported network devices. In a few steps, you can back up or restore settings on each device, or update each device’s firmware to take advantage of any security patches.

While Moxa’s ioThinx helps you securely connect I/O points to a SCADA or IoT platform, remember that protection against security threats can only be partially addressed by secure product design and features. You must also consider your network architecture, maintenance practices, and other factors.
ioThinx 4510

Supports up to 32 I/O modules for DI, DO, AI, AO, relay, RTD, and thermocouple

Security Features:

  • Password protection
  • Security hardening guide
  • Optional disabling of unused services
  • HTTPS for configuration access
  • Secure communication protocol, such as SNMPv3, RestfulAPI over HTTPS and MQTT over TLS
  • SHA-2 hash check and AES-128 encryption for SNMPv3, SNMPv3 Trap
  • Access Control List (ACL)
  • MXconfig and CLI tool configuration
  • Syslog (remote or local)
  • MXview-supported device
  • Security advisory subscription service
  • Nessus vulnerability report by request

Connect I/O Points Securely

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