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Introducing our cutting-edge New Gen IPC Series, powered by the robust 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, designed to elevate industrial automation to unprecedented heights. This innovation brings a remarkable fusion of enhanced connectivity, heightened intelligence, and superior performance to the realm of industrial automation. Our New Gen IPC Series also offers substantial benefits, including workload consolidation for a more streamlined operation and reduced total cost of ownership. Security and manageability are paramount in this new era, and our IPC ensures improved safeguards for your critical systems. Additionally, with an eye towards the future, our New Gen IPC Series helps you sidestep the pitfalls of technology obsolescence, ensuring a sustainable and forward-looking approach to industrial automation.

Find the IPC That Fits Your Needs

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Low-powered, fanless configurations. Highly compact and reliable so they can fit easily into compact, dusty spaces.

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DIN-rail IPC

Low-powered, fanless configurations. Space-saving compact PCs designed to be mounted on DIN-rails, which makes installation significantly faster and easier in industrial environments.

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Rack-Mounted IPC

Low-powered, fanless configurations. Can be mounted together in rackmount chassis to provide reliable computing power in space-constrained environments.

Why Moxa

Moxa provides a comprehensive range of form factors and performance options to ensure a perfect fit for nearly any industrial use case or scenario. The extensive platform is pre-formulated and designed for highly reliable, flexible, cost-effective, and rapid deployment.

Product Selector Tool

Our selector tool enables you to have product information at your fingertips. Simply select the Form Factor, CPU, and LAN options to discover which products fit your needs. Click here to access the selector tool.

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